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Why Windjammer?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

In their day, schooners were the fastest ships on the sea. They were prized for their ability to carry large loads. Schooners revolutionized global trade and enabled the industrial age by carrying cargo quickly and inexpensively to harbors around the world. Windjammer’s core team started Schooner Information Technologies embodying the same spirit of efficiency, speed, and innovation, with speed agility and minimal crew. Schooner Information Technologies created the Schooner Flash Data Fabric (SDF) to provide breakaway acceleration and cost reduction and HA for on-premises enterprise SQL and NoSQL databases with a flash memory optimized transparent database plug-in.

Windjammers replaced Schooners in Global Trade in a new era. Windjammer Technologies replaced Schooner Technologies in the new era of public clouds. Windjammer Technologies recruited young scientists from top universities who are experts in cloud big data analytics and ML. Together the Windjammer team has invented to transform big data analytics and ML in public clouds running open source databases on disaggregated compute clusters with Data Lakes in Cloud object stores. Our product "Windjammer Accelerator" provides breakaway acceleration and cost reduction and HA for Spark via a transparent Spark Native Engine (SNE) plug-in.



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