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EMR Accelerator (EMR 6.X/SPARK)

Windjammer EMR Accelerator is a software solution that accelerates EMR 6.X Spark while lowering costs and providing fast query fault tolerance and predictability. SNE is 100% EMR/Apache Spark compliant and requires No change to your workflow.

Start a 14 day free trial on AWS Marketplace today where you pay only the AWS fees for your EMR Spark cluster. After your trial, use EMR Accelerator on a pay-as-you-go basis, paying only for the vCPU/hours (measured on a per second basis) for EMR query acceleration in your EMR Spark clusters. Cancel anytime.

You can also work with the Windjammer team to get specialized pricing on the Marketplace on a contract basis.

If you want to run SNE with a different version than EMR 6.X Spark please contact us.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs by 50%

Accelerate EMR 6.X/SPARK job and query runtimes by 3x with High Availability

Cut EMR 6.X/SPARK cost/Query to less than half

Deploy just add bootstrap-action into your EMR console or script cluster creation

Please reach out to with any questions and to create a Windjammer Slack channel. 

Learn about Windjammer Spark Core!
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