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U.S. Patent No. 11,327,966

  • Executing a query in a disaggregated cluster. A query is received at the disaggregated cluster. A query graph is created based on the query that identifies a hierarchy of vertices, where each vertex is associated with a set of data responsive to at least a portion of the query. The compute nodes process the query graph by first identifying all tables, files, and objects stored on the storage nodes whose access is required to retrieve data that satisfy the query. Next, the compute nodes selectively assign the identified tables, files, and objects to a leaf vertex of the query graph to optimize retrieving data from the storage nodes. Thereafter, the compute nodes process the retrieved data sets associated with each vertex using separate threads of execution for each vertex of the query graph such that leaf vertices are performed in parallel. The compute nodes then provide a result set.

Published Patent Application No. 2022/0277006

Published Patent Application No. 2022/0277006 

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